Our Sourcing Processes

GoSource source Faster and More Cost effective

Source from anywhere in the world every major turn in the sourcing world from understanding the latest global production delays to navigating the most recent tariff crisis. We continue to educate ourselves and our customers on the issues arising around the world that have an impact on the manufacturing economy.

Introduce your Project

  • - Product requirements
  • - Designs and Specifications
  • - Receive quotes and Compare
  • - Request for sample

Accept Your Sample

  • - Update sample changes and requests if any.
  • - Approve final sample with factory
  • - Production and invoicing sent by factory
  • - Pay requested amount of pre-production

Factory Commence Production

  • - Monitor production updates
  • - Reach out with Factory if any changes
  • - Be notified when production is completed
  • - Remit production balance

Receive Your Products

  • - Receive shipping information
  • - Monitor products in transit
  • - Receive the products
  • - Write and Review the Company